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We Are Experts In Restoring Tile And Grout

Established in 2008 in Midland Texas, Re-Nu Tile and Grout Restoration set out to become specialist in grout, tile, and stone care. While tile is a non-porous material, the grout between the tiles absorbs everyday spills and dirt, almost like a sponge. If not cared for, over time your grout will wear away, discolor, or become damaged. Re-Nu Tile and Grout Restoration provides an alternative to replacing existing tile and grout with our restoration procedures. Our procedures are designed to renew, restore, and protect your tile, stone, and grout to its original beauty or we can dramatically change the look entirely! Restoration is less expensive, can often be completed in one day. We want you to love your tile and stone areas every day, not just the day they were installed! 

Over the years we have listened to our customers and their needs when it comes to home improvement. We have added unique services no one else in our area offers such as, BATHTUB AND TILE REFINISHING and VIRTUALLY DUSTLESS TILE AND THINSET REMOVAL. These links will take you to in depth video demonstration and information on these services. When it comes to tile installation we believe that an expense like removing and replacing an old floor should be a one time expense. If it is installed properly it should last a lifetime and that is why we follow standards set by Tile Council of North America.

You can trust us with your projects from TILE AND GROUT CLEANING to a complete bathroom remodel.