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Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom Remodeling Services

If you want a luxurious bathroom that rivals a spa experience, your bathroom renovation project will require a team of experts.

For a properly designed bathroom, you will need tradespeople, contractors, designer(s), and someone to oversee the project. We are what you call a full-service contractor which means we have all those people you need – under one roof!

If you do not want to be an owner-builder, DIY the bathroom, or project-manage the process of a bathroom remodel then we may be a good fit for you.  Homeowners wanting to work with an interior designer will be excited to meet our team.

Many of our clients come to us for one of two reasons.  Either because have never remodeled before and they feel like they are in over their head.   Or they had a poor experience with a previous remodel and they want to hire a professional team for this project.  Does any of that sound familiar?

Assuming you have landed on our website because you wish to hire a professional to oversee the entire project….we are pleased to offer you the following bathroom remodeling services:

Partial Bathroom Remodel 

We offer bathroom restoration due to floods, partial bathroom remodeling, or refacing/refinishing. This allows you to keep some of your existing finishes and the option to replace others. This option can extend your budget to achive more. 

In these pictures most of the tile was refinished from a outdated 1960’s color to a timeless white. We added the decorative tile to one wall in the tub shower. We added a glass panel to the pony wall and a exposed pipe shower to give this bathroom that had a bathtub only a shower as well. Cabinents were refaced with new door and painted. A wood vanity with a tile surface was replaced by this custom iron pipe frame with a travertine slab of stone. A outdated tile was replaced with a porceline wood look tile for the floor.  



Full Gut & Bathroom Remodel 

Including removing structural/load-bearing walls, if necessary.  We handle the plan and permitting process.


Are We a Good Fit for You? How do we do it better?

  • No guessing!  We will provide you with a detailed schedule of when we will start and complete your bathroom remodel
  • We go through extraordinary measures to make sure our customers are happy
  • We do not leave the project until you are satisfied
  • Each project has a project manager dedicated to the completion of your project
  • You will receive a detailed written contract which will state the job description and payment terms
  • The technicians we work with on our team and trade partners we affiliate with are dedicated to communication and punctuality