Removing flooring with a HEPA vaccum system

Virtually Dustless Tile Removal is available in Mdland TX / San Angelo TX!


Traditional tile and stone removal processes involves sledgehammers, chisels and chipping hammers and a large amount of dust is always produced. Dust control systems are relatively new to the flooring removal industry and Re-Nu Tile and Grout is providing this service in the Midland, TX and San Angelo, TX . We are using the most effective dust elimination system and tile removal tools designed to capture the dust at the source in every step of the removal process.

Another benefit of this amazing system is that it alleviates the dangers of health concerns related to exposure to Crystalline Silica dust. By not allowing the dust to become airborne and contaminate the air inside the home, the homeowner is spared from unnecessary and long term exposure to this harmful dust. Crystalline Silica is a known human lung carcinogen and is the cause of Silicosis, a respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of this dangerous dust.

Another benefit to the Virtually Dustless tile removal system found here in Midland Texas and San Angelo Texas is that the sub floor is prepped for the next flooring installation far better than a traditional tile demolition project could ever provide. In a traditional tile removal, contractors typically use a floor scraper tool to “remove” as much thinset as possible. Unfortunately, due to the vibrations of the floor scraper, this method leaves thousands of little ridges of thinset on the concrete and can also puncture the surface if your subfloor has ‘soft’ concrete. These ridges of remaining thinset prevent the proper bonding to the foundation of your new flooring. For decades Contractors have used this method because properly grinding the thinset off the slab was not an option due to the inability to capture the dust created. Traditional tile removal tools and processes will create such a mess that your home will literally look like a dust bomb went off inside.

With our specialized equioment we can grind off all of the thinset from your subfloor while leaving the slab cleaner and smoother than the day it was originally poured and its Virtually DUST FREE! Our equipment and staff will leave your foundation better prepared for your new flooring, which will lay flatter, look nicer and last much longer.